The diary of a stay at home Mom.

The journal entries of a Stay at Home Mom.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

I Love weekends.

It's funny how I stay home 7/7 days of the week, yet I adore the weekends. Mostly because we're all a family, but it's just the weekends as a whole. The spring weather is making me SO happy! I have the worst Cabin fever. I'm ready for 90' days. I'm still so very sad for the Lunsford family. We at out at TGI Friday's last night. I had the Chicken Brushetta pasta, a house Salad and then about 45 minutes later we shared a lemon Icetini? Or something like that. The drinks at TGI are HUGE! Wowza! Then again, I'm not a big drinker.
So. Today I'm going to do some much needed organization in my home and out. It's needed. It's a nice spring day outside and I'm going to take full advantage of it. I rented Taxi and Flight of the Phoenix at the video store, I suppose we'll watch those tonight. Also bought the incredibles for the kiddo's. We've never seen it, so it should be fun!
Happy Saturday!


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