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Friday, March 18, 2005

Thoughts on recent media happenings

Hmmm..... I just don't know what to think. Let me address a couple of recent things. First, the Scott Peterson thing. Ugh.... The entire time he was on trial, I never thought he was 110% guilty, I always thought - I sure hope he did it, because he's going to fry for it.
I *still* feel this way! I mean, I wonder, if there there is a ever so slight possibility that he didn't do it? Ugh. I suppose there isn't being that there was SO much circumstantial evidence, but could you even imagine? I always thought he was cold and callous because he was caught for having an affair and for not "looking" the way he should when his wife went missing. I mean really. The media was in his face 24/7, he was lying to his entire family, lying to his mistress, and he didn't seem to really miss her. What a fricken jerk he is.
I still think that he is so shocked he is on death row. Oh my gawd. Death Row Scott! Look what you did to yourself, to your family. Why couldn't you have just divorced Lacy. She was so absolutely gorgeous. Such a sweetie.
I remember when I first heard about the Lacy thing, We were leaving Southern California on a Family vacation and I heard it on the radio. I still remember the weather that day, I remember where we were (aprox: Fallbrook)
I always felt some kind of connection with Lacy. I don't know really why. She was my age. She was married to her sweetheart. I feel so bad for her Mother and Family. Rest in Peace Lacy.

On to other news.

Robert Blake. Um. Ok. I guess Hollywood/LA is the place to be if you're going to kill your wife eh? :p I'm only half kidding. Being that we all know that OJ is totally guilty. He just got to play the race card at his trial - Surprise-surprise!
Roberts another one I wasn't totally convinced he did it. I mean, he probably did or have a part in it, but I just can't imagine him running back into the restaurant calling 911, yelling for help. He acted the way SCOTT should have. Robert did many interviews, crying, sad, very, very remorseful. So, when I see people act like that, I assume they could possibly be guilty, especially if there isn't any true evidence pointing your way. I mean, if I was accused of doing something I truly didn't have any part in, you better bet your as$ I'd fight, cry, be pissed and possibly take the stand, even without the blessing of my lawyer. I'd go kicking feet, screaming and yelling to my jury that I was innocent. There is NOTHING worse than being accused of something you didn't do. You're almost dammed if you do, dammed if you don't. You don't want to act weird being that you're going to be thought of as a liar! Ugh.
So Robert. I think it's time to #1, quit smoking, You're what? 70-something? And #2, spend some time with your sweet Daughter. Count your friggen blessings. Let your sweet Daughter know you before you're 6 feet under.

Please visit this site.

This poor sweet Child. Let's all HOPE and PRAY she's found. - ALIVE. I can't even imagine the pain of the family. The Mother? Where the hell is she? Why is she in another state? Why the eff did she go back home? She's a friggen wack job. Props to her Father, he's a true Dad. That Mother. {shaking my head}
Please, visit her site and see if you've seen her. Keep your eyes open.
Oh my god. Please let her come home alive. Send all your positive vibes to that family. They're going to need them. {{Tears}} She's only 9.

That's it. For now.


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